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There is this blonde who wants to buy herself a shoes made out of alligators. So she goes to a shopkeeper and asks the price for a pair. The shopkeeper tells her a huge price which the blonde is just not ready to pay. By seeing the attitude of the shopkeeper that in spite of her continuous effort to reduce the price the shopkeeper is stubborn in his rate she shouts on him saying “Huh! I would rather catch an alligator myself and get the shoes rather than buying from you at such a price!!” The shopkeeper hearing her says politely “Be my guest ma’am…may be you’ll grab yourself a big one. Go ahead!” Blonde fully prepared she jumps to a swamp nearby full of alligators. In the evening when the shopkeeper is closing his store and is driving back home he finds the same blonde covered in a marshy swamp till her half seeing several alligators dead by her side and she is still killing more as the alligators are approaching her. One alligator comes straight to her, she catches him from its mouth, turns him upside down kills him and then with a disappointing sigh says “Bloody hell!! This one too is not wearing any shoes!!” Lol!! 😀 😀

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