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“Blonde Learning To Fly! Lol!”

There is this blonde who goes to a flight training school over excited to learn to fly. All the planes were busy that day so the instructor pilot decides to teach her solo in the helicopter with the help of a radio. He before making her fly gives all the necessary information and basics. She takes off and after 1000 meters tunes the radio and talks to her instructor saying that the view from here is beautiful and she is loving the experience. After 2000 meters she again tunes and says “It’s so damn easy, I learned it in a day!” The instructor keeps on watching her and gets worried when she does not tune the radio again. After seeing her crash badly, he runs to the place where crash took place and asks “What happened, you were doing so good?” The blonde replied “I don’t know, everything was way up my expectations but then I start to feel really cold as the height increased so I just switched off the big fan and I crashed!” Lol!! 😀

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