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There is this blonde who wants to buy a television. So she goes to a shop pointing to the television she want and said “I want to buy that television.” The shopkeeper looking at the blonde mysteriously said “We do not sell any of our products to blondes.” The blonde getting upset came up with an idea. She went to a hair dresser and got her hair red. The next day again she went to the same shop and asked for the same television. The shopkeeper again said “We do not sell anything to blondes.” Now she got herself fully bald and went to the shopkeeper asking for the same T.V.. The shopkeeper again said “We do not sell anything to blondes. The blonde getting really angry this time asked “How the hell you every time came to know that I am a blonde?” The shopkeeper politely replied “Because the thing you’re asking for is a microwave.” Lol!! 😀

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