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There is this blonde who goes to a doctor. Doctor asks her “Yes Ma’am, How are you today?” The blonde replies “Doc! everything of me from head to toe is hurting badly.” Doctor puzzled asks her “How can you hurt all over? What do you mean by this?” The blonde then starts to explain the doctor. She touched her legs and said “Ouch! Look my legs hurts.” Then she move further to her ears and touches them and says “Ahh!! My ears hurt too.” Then reaching all from head to toe, she then touches her hairs and says “Doc! See even my hair hurts!! Ouch! Ouch!” Doctor thinking for about couple of minutes looks at her and says “Is your hair naturally blond?” The blonde replies “Yes Doc! Why?” The doctor then tells “Well! Ma’am you have a Broken Finger.” LOL!! :D :D

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