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Three construction workers are ready to have their lunch after some real hard work. They are on the 60th floor of a really tall building which is yet to be finished. The first construction worker is an Italian and finds pizza for his lunch. He get really upset and says “If I get this pizza one more time I will jump off this building right away!” The second construction worker was a Chinese and finds rice for his lunch. He very disappointingly says “If I get these rice once more for lunch I will jump off this building right away.” Now the third construction worker which is a blonde opens his lunch and finds a cheese burger. He says “If I find this burger once more I will jump off this building to my death!” All went home and again at the lunch time found same meals so all the three jumped off the building and died. At their funeral the wives of the Italian and the Chinese is crying and regretting that if they would have known they would have packed something else for their lunch but they see that the blonde’s wife is not crying at all. On asking the blonde that why isn’t she crying she answers “Wo! Wo! Don’t look at me like that, he himself packs his lunch!” Lol!! :D

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