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This blonde needs a loan of $5000. So she goes to a bank and asks them to give her a loan. The employee working there who passes loan tells the blonde that “You have to keep something for security in order to get the loan.” So she tells them that “I give you my Rolls Royce in order to get $5000 loan.” The bank accepting to give her loan after checking all her papers and finding the Rolls Royce to be hers they agreed to give her a $5000 loan. As soon as she left, the staff starts laughing finding the blonde to be really stupid as for $5000 she gave her Rolls Roys of $250,000 as a collateral. After a week or so when the blonde returns, she repays her loan along with the interest of $15.41 and takes her car. As she is leaving the bank employee holds her back to ask her a question which he is very curious about. He fully confused asks “Ma’am you are a multimillionaire as we know by your papers so why did you get a loan of $5000?” The blonde smiling a little answered “Well! Which place will be the safest in NY where you can park your car for two weeks in just $15.41 that too with security of getting the car back?” Lol!! 😀 What will you call it? Blonde’s foolishness or smartness? Be free to share your thoughts with us.

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