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Within this restless, hurried, modern world
We took our hearts’ full pleasure—You and I,
And now the white sails of our ship are furled,
And spent the lading of our argosy.

Wherefore my cheeks before their time are wan,
For very weeping is my gladness fled,
Sorrow hath paled my lip’s vermilion,
And Ruin draws the curtains of my bed.

But all this crowded life has been to thee
No more than lyre, or lute, or subtle spell
Of viols, or the music of the sea
That sleeps, a mimic echo, in the shell

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Scared to Love You

I wanted to love you,
But I was just too scared.
Haunted by the past,
That always seemed to reappear.

I tried my best to run and hide,
But I just couldn’t get you off my mind.
Should I give love a second chance?
Or am I just wasting my time?

You promised you were different,
But so did the rest.
Then you looked into my eyes,
And I knew you had passed the test.

So I took a chance,
and fell deeply in love.
Maybe this is what I’ve been looking for,
That special kind of love from above.

God, how can this be true?
Everything is happening so fast.
But something keeps telling me,
I’ve found true love at last.

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How do you know when you’re in love

is it the crazy things you do

is it the fact that my heart skips a beat

everytime that i think of you

Is it the fact that I can’t sleep at night

when your image is in my head

Or is it the fact that I can’t stop smiling

after every word that you’ve said

Is it the need to hold you in my arms

and keep you there forever

Or is it the fact that I wrote you a poem

and sent it to you in a letter

Is it this awful feeling deep inside

whenever I have to take you home

Or is it just being here without you

that makes me feel so alone

Is is this hunger deep inside

that longs for your kiss

I am so happy that I’m in love

for there are so many things I would miss.

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What I have to say is straight from the heart

You may not have known it yet

But i have loved you from the start

From the moment our eyes first met

I wanted to get to know you

Please believe everything I say

These feelings are so true

I hope you feel the same way

It’s time to make it official

Let’s be together

I don’t know how far we’ll go

But I hope it last forever.

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Hey there little thing
The phone is about to ring
Only one voice will be heard
And that’ll be your king

For once I was smart
Couldn’t fail my part
I got you a special gift
Not messing with your heart

A movie just came out
I have no idea what it’s about
Maybe we should check tonight
Since the idea is not in doubt

I sound like a Backstreet boy
Good thing I’m full of joy
You were found in bed last night
With a professor named Roy

Now explain yourself!

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when you stay with me
when yiou laugh with me
when you talk to me
when you walk with me
when you …………
leave me
when you laugh at me
when you ignore me
when you ditch me
and finally when you ….
wanna get rid of me
You just Can’t Imagine That

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She crouched down, almost squatting
To stroke a small dog in the park
As she did her full buttocks
Strained the fabric of her shorts
And I wanted her
When she stood up
She threw back her hair from her face
As she did the sunlight caught
The fine blonde strands
And I wanted her
She reached behind her head
To tie back her loose hair
Which pushed her breasts tightly
Against her cotton shirt
And I wanted her
She saw me looking at her
And smiled at me coyly
Then she waved to me, smiling
And I wanted her
Luckily she was my wife

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